Performance Material Rentals, Rental Agreement Contract

In certain cases, our performance material for hire is available under two types of Rental Agreement Contract. In those cases, we propose a Short Term Rental Agreement Contract and a Long Term Rental Agreement Contract. Depending on your needs, you select the type of contract that suits best your situation. Usually, a Long Term Rental Agreement Contract is adequate if you plan for 6 or more performances of the work per year. In addition, please note that you are entitled to extend a long term rental contract to the next year, at a reduced price. For tailored rental contracts, please contact us by e-mail and specify the type of performance that you envision, and all necessary information to contact the concert organization staff. (Reduced rental prices can be obtained for music schools, charity concerts, etc)

Rental procedure:

You first need to download the text of the rental contract. You may then create online a Cost Estimate for your rental; please note that the creation of this Cost Estimate does not imply that you accept it. Our ordering process requires that you first create a user account on our web site. Using that account, you may either accept a previously created Rental Cost Estimate, in order to turn that Cost Estimate into a Purchase Order, or you may decide to reject it. We will create your invoice only after we have received the rental contract printed in two copies and holding your signature. You will send these signed copies of the contract to the address that is indicated on the contract itself. You may then pay for your order using on-line electronic payment (see details from section: “available payment means”), either after having accepted your Cost Estimate when you transform the latter into a Purchase Order, or later-on at the time when we establish your invoice. The material will be sent to you, along with one signed copy of the rental contract, as soon as we have received payment of your invoice.

( Material is rented without orchestral score. Please consult the page of order on-line to get it )

Catalogue of Works available for hire :

Illustration Work Price Rental Agreement Contract Create an Estimate
Don quijote de la Mancha 640 €
Don Quijote de la Mancha 320 €
Poeme pour saxophone et orchestre 320 €
Poeme pour Saxophone et Orchestre Long 900 €