Long Term Rental Agreement Contract correspond to the rent of the material of orchestra for a duration of One year from the date of establishment of the contract. It does not take into account the right of public representations. You must notify us before the performance date(s) representations. The hire will have to pay for each concert during the year. Beyond 6 representations annual, the Long Term Rental Agreement Contract becomes more advantageous than the Short Term Rental Agreement Contrac.

The Long Term Rental Agreement Contract can be prolonged without that the hire has to pay the annual price of the Long Term Rental Agreement Contract. For that purpose, the number of representations during new year has to be at least 5.

A new rental agreement will then be established. The demand of renewal must be made at the latest 2 months before the expiration of the contract. The association reserves the right not to accept the renewal of the agreement.

Remarque: Performance Rights Organsation (BMI, SACEM, ASCAP, PRS etc) fees are NOT included and are the responsibility of the performing organization.