Congrès international de saxophone

The 14nd international Congress of saxophone took place in the magnificent city of Ljubjana from 5 till 9 July 2006. During this congress, a conference presented by Jean-Marie Londeix allowed to introduce the music of Pierre-Philippe Bauzin, advancing his love for the music and its refusal of hang in the musical plans of his time.

Following this conference, Koryun Asatryan splendidly interpreted the sonata for saxophone during concerts Yamaha. The next day, Daniel Gauthier interpreted in a magnificent way the poem for saxophone and orchestra with the orchestra the radio Slovenian television conducted by Jürg Wyttenbach. .

This first representation of the poem since about 45 years was rather very well welcomed by the public. This work is not a technical peace as the sonata for example, but it appeals to the feelings.

Thanks to all the performers of these works who allowed to make Pierre-Philippe Bauzin known to the saxophonists of the whole world. The poem will moreover be soon available on this site.