Pierre-Philippe Bauzin was born in Saint Emilion on April 12 1933, and started his musical studies at the age of 5, with his father. After having been awarded a fist prize in piano and harmony at the Academy of Music of Bordeaux, he joined at the age of 14 the National High Academy of Music of Paris where he was several times prizewinner.

He has worked whith

Titular of Saint Pierre church of Bordeaux's great organs at the age of 12, he was also awarded the "René Doire" prize with the conerto for trumpet, piano and orchestra, and the SACEM prize 'Society of Music Authors, Composers and Editors) for his Symphony for organ. His concerto for flute and orchestra has been performed by Jean-Pierre Rampal and the french network orchestra. His sonata for saxophone and piano has been performed by Jean-Marie Londeix, throughout the whole of Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA including Chicago (1st World congress of Saxophone in 1968).


He won, in 1976 the Grand Prix of the international Competition of Musical Composition of Barcelona (Spain) for his 'Don Quijote de la Mancha" which he conducted, in this very city for its first world performance, with 2.500 choir members and the philarmonic orchestra of Barcelona.

He conducted concerts in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland. He was organ master at the church of Le Suquet, in Cannes (France). He was also organist "in invitato" of the Vatican's Saint-Pierre Basilic, in Rome, where he several times congratulated by Jean-Paul II.

He was a teacher at the music academies of Cannes and Grasse (France). Organist and above all, improviser, he was regulary invited to Europe, where he payed in particular in Salzburg Cathedral (Austria) on Mozart's own organ an also in Leipzig (Germany) on Johann Sabatian Bach's organ (Saint Thomas and Saint Nicolas), Lubeck, Hamburg, Florence, Madrid .... He was regularyinvited in the 90's to New York to lecture on organ improvisation.

He composed near 110 opus:

  • Choir (35 pièces)
  • Mélodies voice and piano
  • 1st Symphony for orchestra
  • Concerto for trompette, piano and orchestra ("René Doire" prize)
  • Trio for violon, violoncelle and piano
  • Oratorio: l'Apocalypse de Saint Jean
  • Sonata for saxophone-alto and piano, created by Jean-Marie Londeix.
  • Divertisment for 2 saxophones alto and saxophone ténor.
  • Poème for saxophone and orchestra.
  • Peaces for piano - (Editions Philippe and Combre -Paris) a) Ronde, b) Berceuse, c) Caprice op.54
  •  Don quijote de la Mancha for choir and orchestra
  • Concerto for flûte and string orchestra created by Jean-Pierre Rampal

Pierre-Philippe Bauzin died on january 2005 the 11th in Nice (France).